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  • The Journey gets on track as GACL gets th incorporated on 29 March, 1973 
  • The Caustic Soda plant shaping up
  • The dream takes a solid shape. Foundation stone of Caustic Chlorine project th laid on 29 November, 1974
  • GACL’s first Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine and Hydrochloric Acid project went on stream with capacity of 37425 TPA by adopting mercury cell process.
  • By first expansion of Caustic Soda plant double it’s production capacity.
  • Commissioned 2000 TPA Sodium Cyanide plant at Baroda
  • The Company widens its horizon by participating in B2B practices 
  • Hon’ble Ex-President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee and Hon’ble ExChief       Minister of Gujarat late Shri Madhav Singh Solanki Commissioned second stage expansion of Caustic Soda plant
  • To power future growth, cocreates Gujarat Industries Power Corporation Ltd along with corporations like GSFC, GNFC and others.
  • Diversified product range by successfully commissioning 10560 TPA Chloromethane project
  • Acknowledging the 1987 significance of Research and Development, establishes a separate setup for Research & Development and secures approval from Science and Technology Dept., Govt. of India.
  • Expands export horizons by sending Sodium Cyanide and Chloromethanes to countries like Australia, Netherlands, South Korea, West Germany, Japan, USSR and Dubai.
  • Commissioned  26400TPA Caustic Soda Flaking unit

  • Acknowledging the significance of the Safety and Environment care, a separate Safety and Environment Cell is established
  • To reinforce its commitment toward environment, completed first phase conversion of Mercury Cell Technology with eco with eco-friendly Membrane Cell Technology
  • commissioned sodium hypochlorite unit at baroda

  • R&D Department unlocks the path to the future by developing Sodium Ferro-cyanide in-house. The company introduces and markets the product successfully.

  • Completed expansion of Chloromethane plant with a total capacity of 21,120 TPA.
  • Commissioned 16500 TPA Caustic Potash and 15000 TPA Potassium Carbonate project.

  • Further expanded capacity of Caustic Soda plant to 153500 TPA and Caustic Flaking unit to 53000 TPA

  •  Completed second phase conversion of Mercury Cell Technology with eco-friendly Membrane Cell Technology.

  •  Becomes a member of Central Control Room jointly established by Industries of Petrochemicals Complex area

  • Phosphoric Acid plant started at Dahej with capacity of 26730 TPA

  • Commissioned Caustic Soda Prills Plant at Baroda
  • Broadens the product portfolio by commissioning first 11000 TPA Hydrogen Peroxide project at Baroda

  • With a view to stimulate the environment around and to nurture environment, Company developed the Green Belt Development project on solid waste land fill site

  • Commissioned 300 TPD Caustic Soda and 90 MW Power project at Dahej 

  •  Commissioned Caustic Soda Prills / Flakes Plant at Dahej

  • .Commissioned Caustic Potash Flaking unit at Baroda

  • Increased Hydrogen peroxide capacity to 12540 MTA by dedicating Hydrogen Peroxide plant to the nation at Dahej

  • GACL’s commitment to safety & concrete steps taken to realize it is recognized by Green Tech Safety Silver Award – 2003-04 for the Dahej unit

  •  The Baroda unit is bestowed upon with the Green Tech Environment Excellence Gold Award – 2003-04, for its excellent environment friendly initiatives

  •  GACL’s commitment to conserve energy gets national recognition in the form of first National Energy Conservation Award

  • The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, (ICAI), erstwhile ICWAI, honour GACL with first merit Award

  • Commissioned 16500 TPA Calcium Chloride project at Dahej.

  • AIOE Industrial Relations Award for 2005-06 from All India Organization of Employer’s in the field of Industrial Relation, Social Security and Promotion of bi-partism.

  • SCOPE (Standing Committee of Public Enterprises) National level Meritorious Award for Good Corporate Governance for 2004-05.

  •  Commissioned Caustic Soda Flakes plant and Caustic Soda Evaporation unit at Dahej.

  • Acknowledging the significance of the Safety and Environment care, a separate Safety and Environment Cell is established.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide phase – II project with capacity of 12540 TPA commissioned at Dahej .

  • Poly Alumimium Chloride(PAC) project with same capacity commissioned at Baroda .

  • Commissioned Caustic Soda Flaking unit – III at Dahej

  • Unveiling a new logo in 2007.

  • 23.75 MW phase – I wind Farm project is commissioned at th Moti Sindhodi, Kutch on 13 February, 2008 

  • Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride project with capacity of 16500 TPA is commissioned at Dahej 

  • First in INDIA to adopt environment friendly Sulphate Removal System(SRS) technology at Dahej

  •  Commissioned Chlorine Evaporation unit at Dahej

  • GACL received National Energy Conservation Award 2008 for the fifth consecutive time.


  •  Foundation stone laid for Hydrogen Peroxide phase – III, Stable Bleaching Powder and Caustic Soda Expansion project by then nd Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi on 22 October, 2009
  • GACL commissioned phase – II of 39 MW Wind Farm Project at Kutch
  • Commissioned Caustic Soda Flaking unit – IV at Dahej
  •  Commissioned Caustic Soda Expansion project at Dahej 

  •  Commissioned 21 MW Wind Farm project phase III at Malia Miyana, Rajkot

  • Commissioned 15000 TPA Stable Bleaching Powder and Hydrogen Peroxide phase – III project at Dahej

  • Award for Excellence for 2011 in the field of Export Performance and Promotion from Federation of Gujarat Industries

  •  National Safety Award for maintaining Excellent Safety Standards in the year 2010 by Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India

  • Phase – IV of 10.5 MW Wind Farm commissioned at Kutch.


  • Phase – V of 10.5 MW Wind Farm commissioned • Social and Corporate Governance Award (SCGA) – 2013 for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice awarded by Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE), Mumbai

  • CHEMEXCIL Award 2010-11 awarded by Export Promotion Council, set-up by Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Government of India.

  •  20,000 TPA Sodium Chlorate Project (an import substitute product) Commissioned at Dahej and became the first manufacturer of Sodium Chlorate in India 

  • Phase – VI of 10.5 MW & VII of 10.5 MW Wind Farm commissioned.

  • GACL-NALCO Alkalies & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Joint Venture company was formed between GACL and NALCO to putting up 800 TPD Caustic Soda Plant integrated with 130 MW Coal based Power Plant at Dahej

  •  Phase – VIII of 10 MW Wind Farm commissioned 

  • Constructed 1.6 km pipeline from its Dahej plant to the railway yard at Dahej and became the first company to send Caustic Soda to Southern and Eastern part of India through Railway from Western India.
  •  Successfully developed indigenous technology for manufacturing Hydrazine Hydrate an import substitute product in collaboration with Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad 

  • Phase – IX of 21 MW Wind Farm commissioned.

  •  Company has upgraded its ERP with SAP system

  •  Phase – X of 14.7 MW Wind Farm commissioned raising Company’s total windmill power generation capacity to 171.45 MW
  •  In its continuous drive for technology upgradation, the Company has replaced 300 old generation II elements with more energy efficient generation VB+ elements to manufacture Caustic Soda Lye at Dahej Complex

  •  First Dispatch from 32000 TPA Poly Aluminium Chloride Plant of GACL’s Coelho Complex, Vadodara.

  •  Increased Chloromethanes plant capacity from 37,950 TPA to 56,100 TPA at Vadodara 

  •  New 14000 TPA Hydrogen Peroxide Plant-III commissioned at Dahej.

  • Launched the book ‘Salt of The Earth-The GACL Saga’ • GACL designated its one of the complex at Vadodara as Coelho Complex in the honour of its first Managing Director Late Mr S J Coelho 

  •  Commissioned 15 MW Solar Power Project at Charanka, Gujarat 

  •  Replacement of 700 old generation II elements with more energy efficient generation VB+ elements
  • Achieved highest ever performance on Sales turnover, PBT and PAT.

  • Once again surpasses its historical level & Achieved highest ever performance on Sales turnover, PBT and PAT

  •  Commissioned another 22.5 MW Solar Power Project at Charanka, Gujarat

  • Commissioned another 12.5 MW Solar Power Project at Charanka, Gujarat raising Company’s total Solar Power generation capacity to 35 MW 

  • Stable Bleaching Powder (SBP) and Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride (AAC) capacity expanded by putting up 15,000 TPA SBP Plant and 16,500 TPA Plant at Dahej 

  • 1st Company to restart its production in COVID-19 time.

  • GACL signed MoU with GAIL for setting up a 500 KLD Bioethanol plant in Gujarat 

  • Awarded a joint patent for 20 years to GACL and CSIR for invention entitled ‘An improved process for production of Hydrazine Hydrate

  •  17th National Award of Institute of Cost Accountants of India for the Excellence in the Cost Management-2019 for third consecutive year  

  • Become the first company to get The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) licence for its product Ortho Phosphoric Acid.

  • Honourable PM Shri Narendrabhai Modi dedicated GACL’s 1,05,000 TPA New Chloromethanes Complex, 785 TPD to 1310 TPD Caustic Soda Capacity Expansion, 10000 MTA Hydrazine Hydrate and GNAL’s 800 TPD Caustic Soda Plant along with a 130MW coal-based power plant at Dahej to the Nation.

  •  Successfully bagged a US patent for an indigenous process for the production of the super speciality chemical Hydrazine Hydrate (H6N2O).

  • GACL signed MoU with NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd. (NTPC-REL) to collaborate in the field of renewable energy and green chemicals.

  • GACL marked a significant milestone with the first dispatch of import substitute products, namely Hydrazine Hydrate (80%) and Purified Phosphoric Acid (85%) from Dahej. 

  • As part of the Caustic Soda capacity expansion, GACL successfully commissioned a new 700 MTPD Caustic Evaporation Unit (CEU), one of the largest capacity units in India. GACL received a prestigious National Award for its Dahej Complex in the category of "Top Performer Designated Consumer for Chlor Alkali Sector of Perform Achieve & Trade (PAT) Cycle II under the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE)."

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