Screen Reader Access

Een Reader Website Free / Commercial
1. non Visual Desktop Access (Nvda) http://www.Nvda-Project.Org/ Free
2. system Access To Go Http://Www.Satogo.Com/ Free
3. thunder Http://Www.Eenreader.Net/Index.Php?Pageid=11 Free
4. webanywhere Http://Webanywhere.Cs.Washington.Edu/Wa.Php Free
5. hal Http://Www.Yourdolphin.Co.Uk/Productdetail.Asp?Id=5 Commercial
6. jaws Http://Www.Freedomscientific.Com/Products/Blindness/Jaws Commercial
7. supernova Http://Www.Yourdolphin.Co.Uk/Productdetail.Asp?Id=1 Commercial
8. window-Eyes Http://Www.Gwmicro.Com/Window-Eyes/ Commercial


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